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June 10, 2021

Our Club Deal Genesis

Two and half years ago we brought together a group of friends to start investing in Late Stage VC via club deals. We created a company […]
April 3, 2021

Our First Exit

Palantir became Fabrica Ventures Fund first exit. Palantir is a data analytics company that enables customers to integrate, manage, secure and analyze vast amounts of data. […]
March 9, 2021


Venture Capital and Private Equity funds (VCs-PEs) are ‘closed end’, since they deal with illiquid assets, i.e., equity in privately held companies. Because VCs-PEs cannot sell […]
February 28, 2021


“When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course” — Peter Drucker (1969). Traditional post-secondary education is doomed economically. There is little doubt that […]
December 6, 2020

Startups CEOs’ Skin in the Game

Crunchbase just published a survey on startup CEO salaries, “We Looked at 101 Startup CEO Salaries – Here’s What We Found”. Their yearly total compensation was split […]