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February 18, 2024

We agree!

Databricks is one the most valuable US startups with a valuation of $43B. The company is positioned at the forefront of data and AI services, so […]
February 10, 2024

Not every waterfall is the same

In VC and PE funds, the distribution waterfall is a method used to allocate profits among LPs and GPs. The waterfall model outlines the sequence in […]
February 4, 2024

As we have preached

With $53 billion in AuM, Andreessen Horowitz is one of the largest of traditional SV firms and closely watched among other VC firms as a trend […]
January 27, 2024


In January, while visiting Portugal, the weather conditions favored the rising of the Nazaré waves, allowing us to witness the world’s biggest waves in awe. Some […]
January 21, 2024


One of the reasons we chose the name “Fabrica” Ventures was because a semiconductor fabrication plant is known as “Fab”. Since we are based on the […]
January 13, 2024

SaaS Buying Cycles

Vendr is one of the world’s largest software buyers, having processed more than $3B of software spending which gives them a unique vantage point on SaaS […]
December 24, 2023

Goldilocks Scenario for US VC

Common sense and history show the futility of economic forecasting. Nevertheless, since we are approaching New Year’s Eve, we have an excuse to trace a Goldilocks […]
December 17, 2023

Jevons paradox

“It is a confusion of ideas to suppose that the economical use of fuel is equivalent to diminished consumption. The very contrary is the truth.” — […]
December 10, 2023

Menlo Security

Cybersecurity threats have evolved over the past decade as technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily routines. The shift to the cloud, the widespread mobile […]