Insights from Fabrica Ventures Team.

March 18, 2023

Silicon Valley Will Shine Brighter

Capitalism has been gone a long time ago with the end of the gold standard (to the fiat standard), the development of the banking fractional reserve […]
March 5, 2023

Options Clock

We have written extensively about why startups are staying private longer and how it represents a wealth generation shift from public to private markets. Besides market […]
February 14, 2023


Doug Leone was the Sequoia Capital’s managing partner that led its expansion to China and India. In an interview at Stanford in 2014, “Luck & Taking […]
February 4, 2023

$100M+ ARR Centaurs

“Originating from Greek mythology, and much of Roman mythology, Centaurs symbolize masculinity, and are supposed to be brave, loyal warriors”. When the term unicorn was coined […]
January 29, 2023

Stripe’s Employees Liquidity Headache

Stripe provides the infrastructure for merchants to accept all major forms of digital payments online as well as POS payment solutions. Stripe’s comprehensive product suite and […]
January 20, 2023

I Beg to Differ

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital has deservedly become a financial guru (plus a billionaire). His memos to Oaktree clients are always memorable. Several parts of his […]
December 29, 2022

Secondary Market Transactions in US VC

Some definitions first: A primary transaction happens when securities are issued and sold directly by a company, while a secondary transaction is when the initial purchaser of a security sells […]
December 16, 2022

Tech stocks @ 3Q2022

Forecasting is a futile exercise since human action is driven by randomness. Nevertheless, given the Fed’s ongoing interest rates hiking and monetary tightening, a recession seems […]
December 11, 2022

Are Insider-Led Rounds Good or Bad?

All figures from PitchBook. Insider-led rounds (ILRs) are defined as new financings for startups that are led by existing investors. In 2022 YTD (up to November […]